Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Blog!

Happy Monday, everyone!

This is my new blog centered around my Pinterest tests. Last week, I tested out the pin for Coffee Sugar Scrub. You can see the original post at http://www.thehangefamily.blogspot.com/. This week I tested out the pin for the Window Frame Picture Display as seen on greenupgrader.com.

photographs framed in a an old window

This one turned out quite well, but took a really long time to get it the color I wanted. I bought the original window frame at a barn sale for $5.00. It originally was the color of the one in the original pin, but I wanted it to match my kitchen so I used a black stain that I bought from my local farm and garden supply store for around $4.00. I applied it with some painter's rags. The first coat was too lumpy and dark, so when it dried, I sanded a lot of it down to get a distressed look. I applied a very light second coat to get the desired effect.

I then put my pictures in and matted them with coordinating scrapbook paper. Since it was so heavy, I screwed in a wire picture hanger to hang.

This is the finished project. (Window Frame Picture Display) Overall, definately a DIY project worth doing!!

Pinned Image

Next week, I will do the Picture Frame Jewelry Hanger.

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