Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Scarf Camera Strap

Today's Pin is the camera strap made from a scarf. The original pin takes you to an awesome blog called stars for streetlights but the instructions come from In the Loop by Scarves Dot Net.

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I have more than a dozen silk scarves from my maternal grandmother. She collected them while selling Avon in the fifties and sixties and had multiple scarves in the same pattern. My version is not as complex as the one by In the Loop. I just bought my new "camera for dummies" and needed a colorful, inexpensive strap ASAP so I didn't spend the time looking for the rings or making the leather cuffs. Also, all of my grandmother's scarves are large square scarves.

I started by rolling it diagonally to create a long scarf. I then tied a knot right in the middle to prevent it from unrolling. Next, I tied the long skinny ends into the camera's strap-connector holes. Viola! Cute, colorful, inexpensive strap for your camera. I have gotten many nice comments on mine.

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My next post will be a recipe! These Strawberry CoolWhip Cake Cookies look too good to pass up! Follow Me on Pinterest

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